$50K college scholarships fuels a wave of residential development La Crosse WI, Cedar Rapids has similar goals

Cedar Rapids has forgivable home-loan program with similar goals

LA CROSSE, WIS. — When the Lyons family was looking to move off French Island, a neighborhood on the outskirts of La Crosse that was closer to work and school in the core of the city, they discovered a housing incentive called the La Crosse Promise that offers $50,000 in college scholarships for building a new house in one of two older neighborhoods.

They talked with a builder, loved the blueprints, lined up financing and in short order purchased one of a handful of new builds in Powell-Poage-Hamilton, a deteriorating residential area blocks from downtown. If Adam Lyons, 35, and Kelsey Lyons, 36, stay in the two-story home for four years, they will earn the scholarship that can help pay tuition for their boys Owyn, 13, and Cayden, 12, at any accredited college or university...


Ken Notes: A very interesting program! I want to remind everyone of an idea I wrote about several years back in light of our current tuition loan crisis.

I believe we should create a fund to refinance existing student loans as well as making new for tuition paid to State schools (both Tech and UW)then make the interest paid on the new loans a bottom line tax deduction on State Income taxes. It would keep graduates in Wisconsin, would be available to all students, would be easy to administer, would allow the state to work with State banks, and would attract more students to enroll in our public institutions.

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