Kohler moving work from Wisconsin to Mississippi
A maker of small engines is consolidating operations from Wisconsin to Mississippi, with plans to hire 250 people there over the next two years.

Local economic developers said Tuesday that Kohler Co. will invest more than $15 million in a new Hattiesburg facility, moving the work from its headquarters in Kohler....


Ken Notes: Like I said it is about the jobs, and Kohler is a legacy company for the state. What if we offered say 5 Million or (20K per job over 10 years) plus 10% of the expansion value in TIF to build the addition here in Wisconsin. I know it is too late and we may still be short of the 18.5 they got from Mississippi but it would send a positive message to other companies considering similar moves.

I remain an advocate for a fixed program available to all growing businesses.

Also everyone should read the article to see exactly what Mississippi offered...

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