Ranger Power making strides in development of 149MW PV project in Wisconsin

Ranger Power is getting closer and closer to developing the largest PV project ever developed in Wisconsin, according to the Daily Jefferson County Union.

Per the Union, Panger Power is in the process of obtaining permits to develop a 149MW, utility-scale solar installation in the town of Jefferson, just 30 miles east of the state capital of Madison.

The solar farm, named Badger State Solar, would be developed atop 404 hectares of land of privately owned land near the intersection of two highways, benefiting from an American Transmission Co. (ATC) substation already located at the site...

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Ken Notes: This is a lot of land and a lot of power. 1,000 acres give or take. Not as big as the proposal west of Madison (300MW) but still big none the less. My only question is shouldn`t we look at rooftops first. Farm land is a commodity rooftops are not!

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