OPINION: Disadvantaged and Minority Students the Biggest Losers in Evers’ Budget

Special Guest Perspective by Dan O’Donnell

Just call him “Two-Faced Tony.”

The most noticeable trend of the early days of the Evers Administration is the new Governor’s penchant for promising something and then quickly reversing course.

He intimated that he wouldn’t abide by new laws the State Legislature passed in extraordinary session before promising to follow them the next day. He repeatedly announced plans to dissolve the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation before abandoning them.

On the campaign trail, he said “everything is on the table” when it comes to new revenue streams before telling the Washington Post a few days before the election that he won’t propose any new taxes...


Notes: I disagree with EVERY WORD! I am a conservative, but I support many of the ways the Governor is trying to move us forward. Dan does not get politics at all and he is NOT advocating for Disadvantaged and Minority Students. He wants more money, and to get that you have to support the businesses that pay the bills. To get that you have to increase the brick and mortar that generated the property taxes that pay for education. To get that you have to create jobs that pay a living wage. To get that you need to get involved in your schools to make them better.

This budget has been pronounced DOA so now we are tasked with dealing with each program individually, an uphill battle at best. We need to look for bipartisan solutions, if Tony had submitted a budget that eliminated WEDC and expanded the Voucher Program he would not have had a place to start talking -- now we do!

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