Wisconsin commission, and residents, mull massive proposed solar farms

The projects include a solar farm that would likely be the largest in the country outside of the West.

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission is preparing to decide the fate of two proposed solar farms that, if built, would more than quadruple the state’s solar capacity and pave the way for more utility-scale solar.

The projects are among nearly 30 large solar projects in Wisconsin that are being reviewed by grid operator MISO, with most of them between 100 and 400 megawatts. The falling price of solar panels, state renewable energy goals, and the availability of farmland are all factors driving the projects.

Many are lauding the growing queue as an environmental victory for a state that has long relied heavily on coal-fired power and seen elected officials, regulators and utilities seemingly hostile to solar...

Ken Notes: I worry that this project, because of it`s size and use of farmland, will cast a negative light on solar which is now cost effective and efficient. I and not offering an opinion on the Two Creeks project but am suggesting every rooftop in the state be evaluated...

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