Mayor, Metro Transit seek Oscar Mayer parcel

Mayor Paul Soglin and three City Council members are proposing that the city purchase two warehouse buildings on a 15-acre parcel of the former Oscar Mayer site to serve as satellite garages for 60 Metro Transit buses.

According to an article in the Wisconsin State Journal, the current Metro Transit garage, at 1101 E. Washington Ave., has space for 160 buses, but Metro has 215 in inventory. Also, the current site cannot accommodate longer Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses, which the city hopes to pursue to in the future to help move people through the isthmus area.

The 72-acre Oscar Mayer property is currently owned by Reich Brothers Holdings and Rabin Worldwide...


Ken Notes: This could be very interesting and a great adaptive reuse of the property. Building a new facility to house larger buses and the balance of the fleet would be very expensive. Of course Reich Brothers will be trying to package the facilities and will need to decide if the warehouse buildings are integral part of other projects or can be spun off.

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