How Wisconsin Is Investing in Housing
The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) has made sizeable strides in helping more households of The Badger State achieve their dream. In its annual report published recently, WHEDA said that the agency had made loans to 3,450 individuals and families totaling $427.5 million—the best for the agency since 2006.

“While our financing activity clearly illustrates the scope of what we do, we never lose sight that each numerical figure represents a family or an individual or small business owner whose life has been positively impacted by because of their experience with WHEDA,” Wyman B. Winston, Executive Director at WHEDA wrote in his address in the annual report.


Ken Notes: The governor has suggested he want to tie economic development and affordable housing together. WHEDA would be the perfect place to start. Give them a way to partner with projects to provide affordable housing, they should also work with communities to look at more dense zoning options and smaller homes rather than subsidized housing that perpetuates the affordable housing dilemma....

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