The Internet of Things: What it is, and how it`s changing Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. - So much of the world around us, is connected to the internet. Smartphones, smarthomes, appliances, even our vehicles use millions of sensors that fill the environment around us, that we can`t even see.  

As the technology has aged, it`s become less expensive, and that means it is within reach for businesses looking for ways to enhance efficiency and improve products for consumers. 

In recent years, as more things have become connected to the internet, a term has emerged: The Internet of Things. IOT is essentially is the phrase applied to all of the physical things that are connected to the internet, and more businesses are noticing its potential, and more state colleges know that it`s their role to make sure students are prepared to fill the need of these industries in Wisconsin.

Dr. Hal Evensen, a professor of Engineering Physics at UW-Platteville, recently held an Internet of Things Curriculum Workshop...   ...more

Ken Notes: A MUST READ. This technology will change the way we do business like quality control did in the 70`s 80`s and 90`s.

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