Foxconn confirms they will build Wisconsin plant despite considerations to pull out of deal

After Foxconn Technology Group suggested a possible reconsideration of their Wisconsin deal in January, the tech giant confirmed they will build a $10 billion plant in Mount Pleasant.

Discussions between President Donald Trump and Foxconn chairman Terry Gou prompted the confirmation...

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Ken Notes: Can we not get a State communications director who can address these issues and articles with facts and realities. We are becoming the laughing stock of the nation and most of it is not deserved! We should be using this as a platform to tout the States economic development opportunities.

We still need to watch this evolve as the Foxconn mission has changed and exactly what gets built and when is still up in the air. Since infrastructure goes in first and Racine county is fronting this based on projected TIF revenue I for one would be very nervous and cautious. On the other hand it does look like the hospitals and other development is moving forward. Trust but verify.

Speaking of trust our President, the one who said Foxconn would continue it`s project has "Deutsche Bank reportedly considering restructuring President Trump`s loans following the 2016 election over concerns he would default". I am just saying...

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