2018 Saw Solar Jobs Grow In Wisconsin, Despite National Dip
The State Saw 3 Percent More Solar Jobs Over Previous Year

Wisconsin has bucked a national trend in solar energy, growing its number of jobs in the renewable field by 3 percent last year, while nationwide jobs decreased by the same amount.

In 2018, Wisconsin had 3,007 solar jobs, compared with 2,921 the previous year, according to the latest report by The Solar Foundation, a national nonprofit based in Washington.

In addition to Wisconsin, 28 other states also gained jobs in the solar industry. Despite that, the nation lost 8,000 jobs, or 3.2 percent, in 2018, largely due to the Trump administration’s tariff on solar panel components and uncertainty about state policy, according to the report...


Ken Notes: We entered the market late which may be a good thing because the prices continue to decline. We also have projects tied to our utilities which is a great thing...

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