Eying up development

The redevelopment of Oscar Mayer. Bus rapid transit. The new public market. The north and east sides of Madison are primed for some significant changes in coming years. In this transformational time, four candidates are vying to replace retiring District 12 Ald. Larry Palm: Syed Abbas, Diane Farsetta, Lydia Maurer and Mark-Anthony Whitaker. James Stansfield withdrew from the race in early January but his name will still appear on the Feb. 19 primary ballot. The two finishers will advance to the general election on April 2...


Ken Notes: The problem with candidates is that they are allowed to talk in generalities where as public servants eventually have to talk in realities. I, not a candidate, have expressed ideas for the Oscar Meyer campus, but the reality is -- I do not own it, the city does not own it, and my guess is the city will not buy it and OM will not give it away.

So the reality is the need to find a buyer with a profitable idea to use the facility in a way that benefits the city. The discussions are good but promises -- be careful.

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