Madison City Council adopts guiding principles for Oscar Mayer site
After a nearly yearlong study, the Madison City Council adopted a report outlining broad goals for the former Oscar Mayer site on the city’s north side...

  • Target a high density of living wage jobs
  • Maintain housing affordability and minimize displacement
  • Leverage the area’s existing infrastructure and building stock
  • Ensure economic recovery boosts diversity in ownership and local businesses
  • Integrate a welcoming district that serves all ages and diverse cultures
  • Equip the north/east side’s next generation with skills to meet emerging opportunities
  • Create an integrated and connected multi-modal transportation system
  • Deploy sustainable technologies, improve stormwater and preserve environmental assets
  • Form an identifiable and authentic mixed-use district
  • Proactively utilize city financial resources and statutory powers to optimize tax base growth and achieve the vision

Ken Notes: Anoter MUST read...

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