Manitowoc County solar project is first of utility scale in Wisconsin

In 1994, Wisconsin adopted the goal of making new electrical generation based on renewable energy resources. Twenty-five years later, Two Creeks in Manitowoc County is positioned to become the home of the state`s first utility-scale solar development.

Solar technology advancements reduced the daily sunlight requirement to only six hours per day, making solar power viable here. Without coal or natural gas reserves, Wisconsin sends $1 billion a year out of state to bring in those resources.

According to Wisconsin Public Service spokesman Matt Cullen, "The Two Creeks site would cover about 1,300 acres and generate 150 megawatts, enough to power 41,250 homes a year." The site was selected because the power produced could be readily tied into the existing power grid lines from the decommissioned Kewaunee nuclear power plant...


Ken Notes: Tough to lose the acreage but very cool projects...

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