Despite red tape, fight to end Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is far from over

Though PolitiFact rated Evers` actions on the issue a `full flop,` there is little reason to expect Evers will back down

Looking at our presidents of recent history, an unfortunate pattern forms. To run for office is to make promises — to win is to break them...

...Enter Gov. Tony Evers. On the campaign trail, he pledged to defund the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, a private-public partnership created by former Gov. Scott Walker to offer loans to companies for the purpose of job creation. After affirming repeatedly the WEDC has to go, Evers has now abruptly changed tune on the matter. In an interview with Wisconsin Eye, Evers said he’s “… not going to be proposing anything in the budget about WEDC.” PolitiFact rated it a “full flop.”...

Ken Notes: Can we not give an elected officials a little credit for really working at the job when elected. Governor Evers has not flopped or flipped, he is suggesting if we can create a better WEDC he may continue to fund it. Something I have suggested since before it;s inception. Google -- Harwood WEDC -- for SEVERAL articles on the subject.

Of course the Governor has not called me, but he has hired an ED professional for DWD. Unfortunately he hasn`t called either. So I will continue to cheer from the sidelines - We need to fix WEDC, We need to bring local Professionals into the tent, We need to create a level playing field for all growing businesses incentive wise.

Here is something new to ponder - would the middle class prefer a tax cut or job security and a raise. I believe if we work with businesses to help them grow we will accomplish far more than a small tax cut for the middle class. I am not talking Foxconn or KC like extreme handouts, I am asking for a well reasoned affordable across the board tax incentive for all new hires made by growing companies. I always thought it best to tie the reward to the desired outcome than betting on it.

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