Milwaukee Developer Wants To Build One Of World`s Tallest Wooden Structures

Mass Timber Buildings On The Rise As Developers See Environmental, Aesthetic Benefits

A Milwaukee development firm is gaining national attention for its plans to build one of the tallest buildings in the world using an unusual construction technique.

New Land Enterprises LLP is creating a 21-story apartment tower using laminated timber. The process, known as mass timber, layers wood together to create the building’s frame.

Proponents say mass timber buildings are more environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing than traditional concrete and steel buildings.

Tim Gokhman, director of New Land Enterprises, compared mass timber construction to Tesla Inc., the California-based car company that specializes in electric vehicles...


Ken Notes: I LOVE this project, it trips every one of my warm and fuzzy buttons. I will actually make a couple of road trips to watch it being built if anyone wants to tag along...

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