Quality Of Life A Focus For Incoming Department Of Workforce Development Secretary

Caleb Frostman: Family-Supporting Wages A Priority For The Department

After a short stint in the state Senate, Caleb Frostman is beginning a new role as secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. 

Appointed by Gov. Tony Evers in early January, Frostman will oversee — among other things — Wisconsin`s unemployment insurance program. Before joining the Wisconsin state Senate, and subsequently, Evers` cabinet, Frostman was an economic development professional in Door County....


Ken Notes: Not a bad position but the secret is how to get to the QOL jobs and wages and this starts with schools and apprenticeship, not corporate mandates. The companies I talk to have no problem paying a decent wage they have a problem finding an employee worth it. Our secondary focus is still college centered which works for about half our students. We need to now focus on the other half!

The good news is Frostman is an ED guy so he already knows this. I hope we see a number of programs that allow people to transition into great jobs soon. I would love to see apprenticeship, early transition to tech schools, more ECCP options, and more dual enrollment.

And now the pitch for a revival of WisconsinApprentice.com where I can show you what is going on in this areas EVERY WEEK...

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