Building boom in Southeast Wisconsin

Kenosha County, Wisconsin is one of the smallest industrial submarkets in the Chicago metro area. Its 249 properties, as of Q4 2018, are second to last in inventory count, as is its total square footage of 33,569,560 square feet. But that’s about to change as no area had more square footage under construction at the close of 2018.

According to new research by Transwestern, there were just over 20 million square feet of industrial projects underway across the Chicago MSA. Nearly one quarter of that activity was in Kenosha County...


Ken Notes: Kenosha and other southeast communities really understand economic development. It has been my goal to transfer this knowledge to other parts of the State. This would be a great new role for WEDC imagine 100 local ED professionals from across the State receiving training and sharing success stories. This is my WEDC vision.

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