Wisconsin Parents Team Up To Build Housing For Their Adult Children With Disabilities

Home Of Our Own Seeks To Build Affordable Complex In New Glarus By 2020

In a state where there`s already a shortage of quality, affordable housing, people with disabilities often have even fewer options because they may need special accommodations. A group of parents in south-central Wisconsin is taking an unusual step to help their adult children with disabilities find housing that is both affordable and tailored to their needs: they`re looking to build it.

Every week, they meet at a cafe in Mount Horeb to discuss their progress and talk over things like grant applications.

They need to raise $500,000 to help build an apartment complex they hope will open in the fall of 2020. They’re calling it Home of Our Own. These parents and grandparents all have adult children with disabilities who still live at home....


Ken Notes: What a great idea! Write about this, promote this, these people are saints!!!! I have worked with group homes and sheltered workshops for 40 years and having parents involved is brilliant. Good luck and let me know if I can help.

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