Evers to business leaders: Let’s find common ground

Transportation could be the first step

In his first public remarks to a business group since he was inaugurated on Monday, Gov. Tony Evers called for the state’s leaders to find common ground.

“I, as governor want you all to be successful,” Evers told members of the Wisconsin Bankers Association gathered today in Madison. “If you’re successful, then the people in the State of Wisconsin will be successful. At the end of the day, Democrats and Republicans absolutely have to find common ground on the issues I was elected on.”...

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Ken Notes: Wow, I wonder if he reads WDNews, I know he did a while back. Many of his statements align with my comments in the past. I hope transportation is just the beginning, I see a real opportunity to work with business and the legislature to create meaningful programs. As a fiscal conservative, I do worry about the budget but the senate and assembly should keep that in check. Finally I suggest he use the, "training wheels" period (his words not mine) to show the legislature what a redesigned WEDC might look like. If he listens to actual business professionals and not the politically motivated this could be an interesting four years.

Oh and just in case he is reading, Regarding that ACT 10 thing, start by removing health care from the collective bargaining table - as a School Board Member, Mayor, and Council Member I promise that the biggest headache was ALWAYS health care. Here is a simple solution - offer and fund health care for every teacher, administrator and public employee state wide! Fund this with an offset in state support for schools and communities.

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