Capitol "coup"

GOP lawmakers brace for Democratic governor by seizing more power

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan was at the Capitol Tuesday to see his old pal Speaker Robin Vos. Despite being political opponents, the two have been chummy since serving together in the Wisconsin Legislature. As Republicans prepared to fast track a series of bills aimed at consolidating GOP power over state government, Pocan and Vos chatted outside the Assembly chambers.

“It was a last attempt to try to make him think wiser,” Pocan tells Isthmus. “But he was set on getting whatever they could get done, passed, in the shortest time possible. He’s making a big mistake. I’ve been told karma is a bitch.”

Republican lawmakers pulled an all-nighter Wednesday, spending hours behind closed doors as they negotiated the final details of several extraordinary session bills. Early in the morning, they approved — with just one Republican dissenting — measures limiting powers of the governor and attorney general, offices that Democrats won in November.

UW-Madison political science professor Howard Schweber calls the GOP effort “nothing short of an assault on democracy.”...


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