Wisconsin Has Never Seen Anything Like This

Republicans carried out their plan to strip authority from the incoming Democratic governor, and what was remarkable was how little disagreement there was about why they did it.

In the early-morning hours Wednesday, Republicans in control of the Wisconsin legislature carried out their plan to neuter the Democrats whom the state’s voters elected to lead them scarcely a month ago.

In party-line votes, Republicans passed legislation to limit the ability of the incoming governor, Tony Evers, and attorney general, Josh Kaul, to deliver on their campaign promises to protect the Affordable Care Act, expand infrastructure spending, and overhaul the state’s economic-development agency. They dramatically scaled back early voting in Wisconsin, and across a range of areas, they shifted power from the state’s executive branch—to be administered by Democrats come January—back to the GOP-controlled legislature...


Ken Notes: I have nothing positive to say. Oh wait I am an advocate for a State that is in self destruct mode...

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