Foxconn in Wisconsin vs. Amazon in New York and Virginia: How do the subsidies stack up?

The state`s deal with Foxconn Technology Group is done and the contracts signed, but the recently unveiled agreements between Amazon and New York and Virginia have put Wisconsin’s subsidies for the Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer in the spotlight again.

Comparing the deals is muddy work, but even by the most generous reckoning, it appears Wisconsin is paying more per job than will go to Amazon for its much-watched “second headquarters” developments in New York and Virginia...


Ken Notes: I get very nervous when the numbers are just broken down into a "per job" figures. Some of the Foxconn deal is tied to building value and property tax credits, some is tied to infrastructure, and dozens more variables. -- it is not just based on jobs. The press is operating in sound bites on a very very complex formula.

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