Manufacturers received nearly $1 billion in state aid annually

Wisconsin Policy Forum report examines industry role in Wisconsin economy

Wisconsin manufacturers received nearly $1 billion in state aid in 2016, including more than double the state incentives from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. than the industry’s economic output and workforce would suggest, according to a new report from the Wisconsin Policy Forum.

The report, however, also notes that manufacturers pledge more jobs than other industries for their incentives, pay above average wages and make up a significant but shrinking portion of the state’s economy.

The Wisconsin Policy Forum says the report is not an effort to resolve debates about whether manufacturers should receive state support or how much. Instead, the authors say the report is intended to examine the size and scope of the benefits the industry gets and its role in the state’s economy....


Ken Notes: What we need to do is level the playing field so that a small machine shop in Rhinelander is treated the Same as a K-C or Foxconn.

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