Model of dysfunction

UW-Madison’s Discovery To Product program was launched in 2013 asking the still vital question: What could be done to bring the great breakthroughs produced by the nation’s sixth largest research university to the broader public?

Historically, these advances have done everything from transform Wisconsin agriculture to produce life-saving medical and health advances. That’s the sacrosanct Wisconsin Idea of spreading the university’s best work far and wide. Such beneficence has also produced a veritable fortune in patenting and licensing revenue to fund the university.

That’s why the stakes are so high to keep UW’s research dynamo humming. It’s also why Discovery To Product program, known by the acronym D2P, was relaunched earlier this year under new leadership and a new mission in an effort to right the ship.


Ken Notes: I question the title and I hope we can reconfigure this once again. We need to work with the Research park, WARF, and existing businesses in the area to create special opportunities. We need to supplement guideance with enhanced R&D oppportunities like wet space and engineering/production space. I love Biondi`s seed fund ideas and if we retained a small ownership stake one EPIC or Exact Science would launch thousands of ships. The next battery tech is going to come from somewhere, I`m just saying...

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