Evers confirms plans to dissolve public-private jobs agency

Evers calls for public economic development agency to replace semi-private Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Gov.-elect Tony Evers confirmed Tuesday he will attempt to dissolve a jobs agency created by Gov. Scott Walker.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. is a public-private jobs agency that works with partners statewide to develop the workforce in Wisconsin.

In an email to The Badger Herald, WEDC secretary and CEO Mark Hogan said the agency wants Evers to fully understand the work WEDC does throughout the state...

brought standards and shared expertise


Ken Notes: There are well over 100 public economic development agencies NOW. What Evers proposes is like suggesting we should eliminate the Department of Public Instruction and let the 426 schools districts form an independent State agency. There are too many issues that require state input and participation. Federal Grants, Tax Credits, Property Tax Laws, Ag Grants and Programs and hundreds more require some State oversight and administration. There is also the very sore subject of tracking and administering programs we have in place now.

Just returning these to "State Government" means we will have dozens of departments serving thousands of customers with little or no knowledge of what others are doing. WEDC was not good at aligning all of this in the past, but the situation will be far worse without any centralized effort. Dr. Evers brought standards and shared expertise to the 426 school districts he now needs to develop a department that will do the same for our 440,763 small businesses not to mention the big ones.

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