Kimberly-Clark tax breaks debated

MADISON, Wis. -- Supporters of a $100 million incentive bill designed to keep open a Kimberly-Clark Corp. plant in northeastern Wisconsin argued Wednesday that taking no action would be devastating for the Appleton area and the entire state, though they remain short of the votes they need.

The paper-products giant, which was founded nearly 150 years ago in Wisconsin and is now based in the Dallas suburbs, is urging lawmakers to take action to save nearly 400 jobs as it weighs whether to close either that Wisconsin plant or one in Conway...

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Kimberly-Clark says it would invest $500 million in Wisconsin with incentive package, but bill still lacks votes


Ken Notes: This will be interesting now with the new administration. Remember this is a retooling and consolidation issue for KC. The often mentioned KC Corporate move to Dallas was based of Darwin Smiths pending divorce options yet blamed publicly on Wisconsin`s tax structure at the time so trust but verify (trivia only a handful of people actually know I did the spreadsheet analysis in 1982).

We need to approach this as an opportunity to demonstrate that Wisconsin is good for business - all business. We should create a package that will reward the company for bringing jobs from elsewhere to the state. We should the offer the same package to any company willing to grow in the state. I have to be honest, 100 million (AROUND 200,000 per new employee based on 500 new Employees) is a big nut and we could ONLY do this for a very few players...

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