Komatsu can earn tax credits on jobs added since April 2017

When Komatsu Mining Corp. held a big event in May 2017 to rebrand its facilities following the acquisition of Joy Global, chief executive Jeffrey Dawes made a point of saying how much the company valued its Milwaukee presence.

“We didn’t buy this company to close it up,” Dawes told reporters. “There’s huge experience here, more than 100 years worth, we want to capitalize on that.”

Nearly 18 months later, Komatsu announced plans for a $285 million headquarters at the Solvay Coke site in Milwaukee’s Harbor District. The state is offering the company up to $59.5 million in tax credits to support the project based on the number of jobs created and retained, capital investment and supply chain purchases made in the state....


Ken Notes: ONE MORE TIME we need a set of rules to level the playing field here. Every company that has added employees since April 2017 are saying to themselves, "What the hell" and I would agree with them. We need a new jobs tax credit available to all companies adding jobs, all companies, small ones, big ones, Chinese companies, Illinois Companies and even Wisconsin Companies...

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