Oneida County Seeks Input From Voters On Mining Referendum

Oneida County is asking people to vote on whether they support or oppose mining a zinc sulfide ore deposit in a referendum Tuesday. State lawmakers lifted a decades-old moratorium on sulfide mining last year.

The Lynne Deposit in Oneida County contains around 5.6 million tons of zinc sulfide ore, lead and silver that could be extracted through an open-pit mine, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The county is asking voters in an advisory referendum whether it should allow leasing of county-owned lands in the Town of Lynne for a metallic mine.

Lac Du Flambeau Natural Resources Director Larry Wawronowicz said the tribe has come out against mining in Oneida County. The 11 tribes that make up the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council passed a resolution last week opposing any metallic mining in the upper Great Lakes region...


Ken Notes: Here is an area we also need to revisit. I actually liked the older legislation that asked mines to demonstrate and guarantee environmental responsibility. New mines do not start with a small hole, they remove the mountain. We need to know what happens both now, and in the future. How will the land be restored. What economic resources ensure restoration and prevent accidents or address penitential impact on surrounding land. We do not have a mine in the dirt now so now is the time to act.

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