Foxconn`s Wisconsin plant faces headwinds after US elections

Incoming governor wants to renegotiate deals around $10bn factory

TAIPEI --Concerns are emerging over the future of Foxconn Technology Group`s $10 billion investment in the U.S. state of Wisconsin after the politician who helped to harness nearly $4bn in tax breaks and other incentives for the project was ousted in Tuesday`s election by a fierce critic of the package...


Ken Notes: Please be careful here! When Walker came into office 8 years ago he stopped a high speed rail corridor that in hindsight may have placed Wisconsin in economic development nirvana as a distribution hub for the Midwest with a world class production and maintenance facility as well.

We have written agreements with Foxconn that should be reviewed, BUT we could loose a great deal if we do not sit down and work out the details with Foxconn at the table. Much of the incentive package is performance based, so lets see if they perform and hold them to their environmental and development promises.

My guess they want a thumbs up photo with Tony and it may not be that difficult to get.

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