Evers election brings hope to Wisconsin conservationists
For many Wisconsin conservationists, the last eight years have felt like a "winter of discontent."

As part of his reforms to state government over two terms in office, Gov. Scott Walker essentially neutered the Department of Natural Resources while putting the pedal to the metal on a pro-business agenda.

If push came to shove on an issue, there was little doubt the position that favored development would prevail. Allow more groundwater pumping even if studies showed local streams and lakes suffered? Sure.

Ken Notes: Lets stop the pendulum in the middle and restore the environmental expertise to the DNR, establish sound guidelines for development and refocus on environmental protections.

At the same time lets continue to work on a expedited smother approval process for new development, show some restraint in penalizing companies who are willing to help, and work with power companies and businesses willing to work together on renewables.

We, Wisconsin, actually has a chance to retake a leadership role in environmental excellence.

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