Madison City Council fails to approve $600,000 payment to Judge Doyle Square developer
The Madison City Council on Tuesday fell one vote short of approving a $600,000 payment to the developer of the Judge Doyle Square project that was meant to resolve a legal dispute on the massive Downtown redevelopment.

City Council members voted 10-8 in favor of amending a development agreement with Beitler Real Estate Services, of Chicago, that would have paid Beitler $600,000 in exchange for the city being explicitly granted the right to build and own a private portion of the $186 million project.

The measure needed 11 votes to pass....


Ken Notes: There are substantial quantities of hair under my desk right now. I am reminded of my favorite story, A guy traveled to San Fran. It rained every day. He forgot his umbrella. He bought one there and put it on his expense report. It was rejected. The next week he traveled to Dallas submitted an expense report with a note. You find the !@#$ing umbrella...

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