Proposed budget amendments would double county’s affordable housing fund

Dane County Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner works as an attorney for Legal Action of Wisconsin. Every day, she’s sees evidence of Dane County’s racial inequities, the stress felt by families who are about to be kicked out of their housing and the struggle to find apartment for those with an eviction on their record.

“There are many groups in Dane County who are essentially excluded from all but the very worst housing stock. If they can get into a place, it might be a place that’s roach infested,” she said.

“We need to recognize that we can do something to change that.”...


Ken Notes: I`m all for affordable but can we actually look at downsizing and density to create really affordable "affordable housing". Like 100 to 400 square feet units and micro homes instead of heavily subsidized housing that allows landlords to hand pick the tenants leaving many still homeless or in the roach infested properties they talk about. Also we need to establish ownership and pride in our housing markets. I was in the relatively new library on Park Street and was blown away by how quickly the property had become run down and I know this is not a staff issue! It is a lack or respect by user issue...

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