Paul Jadin: Scott Walker `defamed` economic development agency to shift blame for failed jobs pledge

In August 2012, Paul Jadin received a six-figure job offer to lead the Madison-area’s economic development agency. When Jadin, the first CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., told Gov. Scott Walker about the offer, he said, the governor asked him to stay...


Ken Notes: A very interesting read. I know and trust Paul as a friend, colleague and mentor and I can confirm that the Governors office was trying hard to craft a message on the lack of job creation at the time.

 I wrote an article entitled A new role for the WEDC when Paul left suggesting he was not given a chance to make a difference or recreate the orginazation. A difference I believe he could have accomplished. I stand today behind every word in that 2012 article. I have also written about the importance of a WEDC in 2015 (Only thing worse than WEDC is no WEDC), again my opinion remains the same.

I will let Paul express his concerns on his own and it is not my intent interject my opinion into his current position or comments.

My issue remains the same, we need a better business support system -- with a level playing field for ALL businesses in the State. WEDC is the logical choice to facilitate this. They are not doing this. Every company is negotiating in a vacuum and the Foxconn`s and KC`s are definitely getting the most attention while small businesses are often not even at the table. We can fix this, we should fix this, and as for me, I do not care who fixes this.

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