Wisconsin manufacturers make it happen

Learn more about the state’s top economic contributor during Manufacturing Month

Manufacturing Month is here. Throughout October, the focus is on the innovative and resilient manufacturers that make it happen for our state’s economy.

There are more than 9,000 manufacturers in Wisconsin that employ nearly 470,000 people. The industrial sector is the top contributor to the state’s growing economy, producing more than $59 billion in total output in 2017, which accounts for nearly 20 percent of the state’s total Gross Domestic Product.

Manufacturing is being highlighted and celebrated at nearly 100 events and conferences throughout Wisconsin in October. Manufacturers across the state are opening their doors to visitors to showcase their plants and highlight the variety of rewarding careers in modern manufacturing....

...For more information about all the outstanding and informative Manufacturing Month activities in Wisconsin, go to www.wmc.org/programs/manufacturing-month/. To learn about the programs offered by the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, go to www.wmep.org....


Ken Notes: Thanks to every one of the 9,000 and a special thanks the 10`s of thousands of supporting businesses that keep them going strong!

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