Foxconn deal drives a wedge between parties at Legislative Candidate Forum

Wisconsin’s economic decisions place a wedge between democratic and republican legislative candidates.

Thursday night at the Chippewa Valley Technical College a public Legislative Candidate Forum was held to give the 100-plus members of the Chippewa Valley in attendance the opportunity to hear candidates for the Wisconsin State Assembly and State Senate state their opinions on hotly debated topics....


Ken Notes: I am Switzerland here BUT, candidates need to stop saying what they would do with the Foxconn money -- because without Foxconn there is no money to spend and with Foxconn the money is given back to them in incentives.

I wish the candidates would address incentives available to ALL Wisconsin companies that are growing in the state.

Attn: PRESS ask candidates what incentives are available to small companies adding new workers and how do these companies get them. Record the answers!!!

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