`Foxconn-Style` Incentives Shape Economic Development Debate In Governor’s Race

Over the past couple years, Gov. Scott Walker has said repeatedly that something like the state’s deal with Foxconn doesn’t come around very often.

His proclamation of the deal as a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity for the state rang out in a number of public speeches in 2017, from his weekly radio address to the splashy White House roll-out of the deal.


Ken Notes: Keep it simple stupid and include everyone:
  • Create a tax credit for new hires for ANY company that creates new jobs above current employee totals - I like 2K for 10 years or 20K per new hire. If up front cash is needed let the banks review the business plans and fund. They get paid back by the corp using tax credits. Numbers down no credits no claw-back required!

  • Offer a 10% TIF investment with a signed development agreement in line with a communities goals and plans may be in a district OR a specific project.

  • Fund a local WEDC rep (the current local ED person) - funded in part by the State and in part by the community or county. One per 25K citizens if you want a figure to go on.

  • Reevaluate the program every biennium and fund specific grant and incentive programs accordingly.

  • In a bipartisan environment, assure consideration and funding is based on merit not politics.

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