The key to attracting development? Communities need to tackle the labor problem

Developers face a common problem: It’s a challenge to find enough skilled labor to build industrial facilities, office towers and medical office buildings. And when that labor is available? It’s expensive.

That’s why commercial developers say it’s so important for municipal governments and economic development corporations to work together to find solutions to labor solutions.

Consider Zilber Property Group. The real estate company has been particularly busy in the Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin regions today...


Ken Notes: In 1985 when every administrative professional in the State had to learn new personal computer skills, I partnered with Fox Valley Technical College as a consultant/trainer/author to develop the Micro Computer Instruction Series for fox valley companies. In a few years we trained well over 5,000 professionals. We need to again partner our tech and UW systems with these companies and develop training programs that bring the workforce up to the skill-set required today. It should not be that difficult and it MUST be a partnership with the private sector!

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