Foxconn Partners with Wisconsin for Ginseng Market Development
WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) -- Foxconn`s North American Vice President Charlie Alvarez was on hand in Wausau Tuesday to sign three partnerships regarding the Asian electronics manufacturing giant supporting Wisconsin ginseng sales and marketing.

While the company is known for its electronics, they are interested in the healthcare aspect of ginseng. Alvarez explains why Foxconn has partnered with Wisconsin for ginseng market development. "With ginseng, we also think that there are medical benefits. And so we`re partnering with UW-Madison and looking with the Carbone Cancer Center and looking at what some of those benefits can be. So we`re looking forward to selling those products not only in Asia but also here in the US."...

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Ken Notes: I love the Asian corporate structure of diversifying companies under the corporate umbrella. Did you know Foxconn is the 4th largest I.T. company in the world.

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