OPINION: State needs to regain tradition of infrastructure excellence

As someone who spent a career in transportation engineering, I love taking road trips, seeing developments in transportation and how states are handling infrastructure needs and highway safety.

A recent trip from my new home in Arizona to my native state of Wisconsin left me wondering what has happened to the highway system we Badgers once proudly embraced as the best in the Midwest and one of its chief economic and lifestyle selling points.

There have been numerous reports and studies in the past few years documenting Wisconsin`s slide in infrastructure rankings, including a most recent U.S. News and World Report "Best States" comparison that ranked Wisconsin`s road quality at 44th among all states...


Ken Notes: I agree, but we need to address future needs, tech and trends as well. Mass transit, shipping and distribution need to be on our radar screen. We need to work with communities and prioritize projects statewide. Finally we nee to depoliticize the entire process which will be the real challenge.

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