Evers` Proposal To Replace State Jobs Agency Draws Criticism From Its Leader

The head of the state`s job creation agency and Gov. Scott Walker`s re-election campaign are criticizing a proposal by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers to eliminate the agency....

Ken Notes: Arghhhhhh! We need an EDC but we nee to fix it! Here`s how:

  • Bring local ED professionals into the tent as agents of the state development corp. Pay part of their salary and use the State benefit package to help do this. Mandate at least one rep per county and one rep per city over 25K. They will meet regularly and be educated on all State and Federal programs and opportunities.

  • Offer an incentive package to ALL growing business through tax credits for new employees.  No jobs no credits. No need for claw-back. I like 2K per employee for 10 years. If a company need the money up front they can present their plan to a bank and borrow using the potential credits as collateral.

  • Rewrite TIF legislation and work with communities to allow property tax incentive packages of up to 10% of new build-out costs when a signed development agreement guarantees the property value (thus payback) for the life of the project. Projects must fit into the long range plans for the community and still require support of schools and county. A district could still be established but not required.

  • Develop a clear public database detailing starting employee count, current employee count, beginning infrastructure property tax value, current property tax value for every company receiving incentives now or in the past.
I have served at local state and eve federal units of government and I promise this can be done.

Ken notes 2: My ideas do not align with either party to the best of my knowledge so they are up for grabs so to speak alas to date no takers - because why would a company make political contributions to either party if the playing field were level.

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