A renewable energy revolution

The winds of change are suddenly blowing across Wisconsin, long a state that stood opposed to clean energy. Under Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin has been a fiefdom of fossil fuel, as I’ve previously written, and more dependent on coal power than all but nine states.

But that’s about to change, led by top state utilities Alliant Energy of Madison and We Energies in Milwaukee, both of which have recently announced they will eliminate all use of coal power by 2050, reducing their carbon emissions by 80 percent...


Ken Notes: Stop pointing fingers and making this political. Renewables and cleaner natural gas are now both cost effective and good for business and the State. We allowed rate changes to address infrastructure costs with a promise of more renewables from the power companies and they are delivering.

Wisconsin is investing at the right point on the curve. Now we need to jump ahead in areas like batteries, mass transit, and manufacturing of this new technology. Harley-Davidson is going to Silicone Valley because we are not there yet - Let`s bring them home ASAP...

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