The Allure Of Destination Breweries As Rural Economic Engines

Craft beer fans seeking different flavors are accustomed to hitting the road to taste offerings from breweries both near and far from home. Special releases of new and limited-run creations are a big draw, but so too are the breweries themselves.

As the craft beer industry has blossomed over the past decade, so too have options for such visits. The Brewers Association, a national trade association for craft beer-related businesses, reported that in 2017, craft consumers visited three-and-a-half breweries near their homes and two-and-a-half breweries within two hours` driving distance on average...

...Two high-profile craft beer destinations in Wisconsin are New Glarus Brewing and Central Waters Brewing. Based in the villages of New Glarus and Amherst, respectively, communities in rural settings yet not too far a drive from larger cities, both have been drawing increasingly large crowds for the past couple decades. Newer operations around the state are trying to follow in their footsteps....


Ken Notes: I have been advocating for this for about five years now. What we really need is a craft beer marketing board modeled after the Milk Marketing board. Wisconsin need to establish State brand identity for our craft products.

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