Where Wisconsin Lacks Broadband Access

Limited access to reliable, high-speed internet services is an issue facing rural Wisconsin that generates a lot of attention and calls for action, yet may seem to be moving at a crawl. For many Wisconsinites, even for those who could afford it, lower-speed broadband options or lack of access entirely stifles individual economic opportunities and limits business development options for communities.

The state fares poorly in national rankings of this infrastructure. U.S. News and World Report lists Wisconsin 41st in the United States in its ranking for internet access, 40th for ultra-fast internet access and 32nd for broadband access. Meanwhile, a report released in July 2018 ranked Wisconsin 36th in the nation for mobile phone internet speeds....


Ken Notes: ONE MORE TIME 5G the next gen cell technology can solve this if we stat negotiations NOW! We will assist in getting coverage in dense population areas in exchange for a blanket of towers and fiber backbone that covers the entire state. Because of the delay in political funding we are always investing in outdated technology.

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