Small businesses in Wisconsin come to the aid of small family farms

Nordic Creamery was contacted earlier this year by both the Monroe and La Crosse County fairs because they lost the buyer for their fair milk. The larger milk processing plants have a hard time dealing with a small amount of milk from the local fairs. Al Bekkum, owner and head cheesemaker at Nordic Creamery said they would help them out by taking in the milk. They took this a step further and decided to add value to this fair milk. As far as they know, what Nordic Creamery is doing is making history producing the first county fair milk cheese in the state of Wisconsin...


Ken Notes: Thumbs up. Now we need to lobby at the federal level to end hunger in the US and world using cheese. We also need more co-op cheese companies that will not take milk from CAFO`s who are harming the small farm industry. Finally we need legislation that requires Larger farms to digest their waste and pasteurize the effluent.

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