Opinion Wisconsin tourism: big business for Wisconsin communities

When you’re having fun, we’re having fun — this sentiment is deeply rooted in our Midwestern hospitality and our sincere desire to make sure each visitor to our state has a memorable vacation. We call it Gemutlichkeit, a feeling of warmth, friendship and good cheer. And there’s no shortage of it in Wisconsin.

Fun and hospitality are also big business for communities of every size across the state because the fun travelers experience in Wisconsin results in a strong economy and quality of life. Last year, the millions of people who traveled around Wisconsin had a $20.6 billion impact on the state’s economy and supported 195,255 jobs...


Ken Notes: I have written about this for years. Tourism needs a better independent lobby to show the benefits and income vs. mines, sprawling retail and transmission lines. The industry is mostly smaller mom and pops and several businesses are needed to create a destination. It is very difficult to get them to work together as a cohesive unit. Stephanie gets it but the department is very political.

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