Thinking big on the Oscar Mayer site

City residents are crafting a grand vision for the Oscar Mayer site

The striped chimney of the former Oscar Mayer plant site is visible from miles away, a lingering reminder of the shuttered factory on Madison’s north side.

When the last slices of ham slid off the production line in late June 2017, it marked the end of Oscar Mayer’s 98-year legacy as one of Madison’s most prominent economic assets. At its peak in the 1970s, the facility provided some 4,000 jobs to the community. By the time it closed, just 640 employees worked there, 73 percent of whom were Dane County residents. The plant also generated an annual $3 million in gas and electric utility revenues, according to city officials.

Many residents now hope the property can be redeveloped to transform the north side...


Ken Notes: I love the community input, the only thing I would add to the discussion is that in the end any project will require a working business model to thrive. The lack of consideration of a sustainable business plan is often the problem in community projects, I would point to the Monona Terrace and Overture Center as examples. Don`t get me wrong, both are great projects and iconic landmarks for Madison and the region, they are just not sustainable without city input. Let`s find a great solution for the OM Site that employees many and is profitable....

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