The Foxconn Plant Is a Bad Deal for Wisconsin Taxpayers
State and local governments genuflect before the corporate altar.

It was a nice photo-op: the president of the United States, the speaker of the House, the governor of Wisconsin, and the CEO of Foxconn, a Taiwanese manufacturing company, breaking ground on a new plant that could potentially bring some 13,000 jobs to Wisconsin. President Trump used the ceremony last Thursday to celebrate what he hails as an American manufacturing renaissance: “So we’re open for business. Made in the USA. It’s all happening, and it’s happening very, very quickly. We’ve created 3.4 million jobs since the election, including over 300,000 manufacturing jobs.”

But the Foxconn deal is a condemnable example of corporate welfare in its most egregious form....


Ken Notes: Please note I did not write this or even agree with it. I aggregate articles on economic development that highlight Wisconsin in the national spotlight. I would suggest that Wisconsin develop a response to these stories. If I were governor, AND I AM NOT, I would say:

  • Wisconsin is committed to working with any business that brings new high paying jobs to Wisconsin.

  • We would love to talk to your company about a wealth of incentives and opportunities we can offer, as Foxconn demonstrates the results can be amazing.

  • In other words, If you think Foxconn got a good offer, wait till you see what we can do for you.

  • ...and if you are already in Wisconsin contact your local ED Professional and let us help you grow.

  • I do not have the power to say any of this, but that is what I would say and if you want you can steal it...

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