Lease termination leaves Wisconsin hotel owner, tenants in search of answers

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. — A stride past a puff of cigarette smoke and children playing on the sidewalk leads to the entrance of the Lowrey Hotel, where visitors are greeted by a bulletin board in the foyer.

An assortment of messages spell out hotel owner Stacy Wright`s code of conduct for tenants. There are many edicts among "Stacy`s Simple Rules," as they`re listed, but Wright said one above all sums up her philosophy as owner of the inn.

She can recite it from memory.

It reads: "If you are able to help yourself and don`t, then there is nothing I can do for you. I have no children and don`t want any. If you are unable to do for yourself and need help in any way, shape or form, I will go to the end of the Earth to get the help you need."...


Ken Notes: I would suggest one solution is Micro Housing, stick built 10 x 20 foot units with sleeping lofts can be built for far less than 10K each. The could be built by high schools, churches, volunteers, tech schools, and clubs, not to mention the actual individuals that will live in them.

Put 4 or 5 on a residential lot with strict rules for behavior, property maintenance, noise, and other concerns. Not only are you providing a place to live, you are teaching life skill needed in the real world. If you read the article you will find that that is what Stacy did and the people are grateful for her!

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