UW Campuses Team Up With WEDC To Bring Alumni Back To Wisconsin
Social Media Marketing Campaign To Attract Recent Grads, Millennials, Veterans

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is one of nine Wisconsin campuses teaming up with the state`s top economic development agency to lure recent graduates back to Wisconsin.

UW-Eau Claire is working with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. to encourage alumni to move back to the state. It`s part of a broader marketing campaign aimed at addressing a shortage of skilled workers at a time when the state unemployment is below 3 percent...


Ken Notes: As I have often said it will take more that an advertising campaign To Attract Recent Grads, Millennials and Veterans. I still suggest on the individual side, student loans for tuition with a State income tax credit for all interest paid on them. And on the corporate side, a $2,000 state tax credit for 10 years for new hires ($20,000 per NEW employee over ten years).

I know it would be almost impossible to track, but I would love to know the actual cost of ads to bring back just one employee to the state.

I also question why we are spending ad dollars to support Chicago mass transit when we so desperately need transit improvements right here in Wisconsin...

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