Paul Fanlund: What will it take for people to embrace actual journalism again?

As I reflect on my nearly four decades in Madison journalism about where the media is today and where it’s headed, two themes always jump out.

One is the challenge that relates to the well-understood, decade-old “disruption” of the business models of mainstream print and electronic journalism. The internet has changed reading and viewing habits and made it harder for news organizations to afford the number of reporters, editors and other news professionals ideally required to produce the episodic and investigative coverage necessary for an informed citizenry.

The second challenge relates to the loss of public trust in the mainstream media and other American institutions...   ...more

Ken Notes: Paul and I often are on opposite sides of the fence but he is so right here! While I am a blogger and editorialist, you should not rely on me for news but rather a newspaper or local media outlet that places Journalism ahead of editorialism -- which is what I try to link to. On the other hand Paul, I would love a print outlet for some of my thoughts -- On the Editorial Page of course...

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